Wholesale production of leather bags

Terms and Conditions of Sales


A - Introduction

This section of the website seeks to clearly outline terms and conditions of sale in detail, in order to facilitate our commercial relationship with companies that choose the products marketed via the website www.divasbag.com. All purchase contracts made via the website www.divasbag.com between vendor and client are defined as marketing between companies that prefer to use electronic transactions, more specifically indicated by the anacronym B2B, and are therefore an integral part of the General Conditions. DIVA'S S.r.l. does not sell to private individuals, but distributes its products to various industry sectors such as: Leather Goods, Wholesalers, Perfumery, Clothing, and Cash & Carry. Furthermore it produces personalized bags on request.

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B - Acceptance of general conditions of sales

1. Orders placed with DIVA's S.r.l can only be considered complete once they have been accepted, even partially, by DIVA'S S.r.l, which reserves the right to accept or decline orders, subject to detailed technical and/or administrative checks. Acceptance of orders is deemed implicit after 15 days of silence and/or non-communication, if the Client has not received communications by any other means. By placing an electronic order the Client accepts that it has been informed about all the conditions established during the purchasing process, and that it accepts all general and payment conditions listed below.

2. The Client can in no way claim damages or compensation if the product sold has been badly treated, stored or looked after.

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C - Method of purchase

1. By placing an electronic order the Client can order products exclusively in the multimedia catalogue as previously mentioned at: http://www.divasbag.com. DIVA'S S.r.l. reserves the right to modify and/or update technical and commercial information relating to the products, in order to keep them continually up-to-date within a changing market determining the cost of raw materials, and without need of prior notice. Nonetheless the Client can always request, via the contacts section of the website, that we provide any necessary clarification. By implication the image supplied with the description of a product may not perfectly represent its actual characteristics, as it may vary in colour, size and accessories compared to the product shown.

2. All orders received will receive email confirmed from DIVA'S S.r.l. to the Client address shown in the order. The confirmation email will contain the "Client Order Number" which should be quoted in all further communication with DIVA'S S.r.l. The confirmation message will also include all details given by the Client, whose responsibility it remains to duly check the details and communicate any corrections in an appropriate timeframe. Furthermore the Client can check every stage of their order via the dedicated area in the section: "My Orders".

3. DIVA'S S.r.l will inform the Client immediately if the order is not accepted.

4. All prices stated on the website are exclusive of VAT. The Client can see VAT price lists on request. As stated in section C, point 1, DIVA'S S.r.l. reserves the right to modify prices at any time, due to market variations, without prior warning. Prices of any items already ordered will remain unmodified.

5. Excessive online user/client demand on the website www.divasbag.com and simultaneous placing of electronic orders, may modify the availability of a product. For these reasons DIVA'S S.r.l. cannot guarantee the correct allocation of merchandise, but will send a confirmation email as soon as possible, regarding the allocation of merchandise, subject to confirmation of all the conditions of payment.

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D - Method of payment

1. Credit card and PayPal.

All transactions made using PayPal and credit card use the connection code SSL at 128-bits.
Further information can be found by clicking on the security certificate of the bank indicated in the address field of any browser.
The caption "https" in the address field shows a protected connection.
As a further form of security for online purchases, Visa and MasterCard give the option of creating a password to protect data given during the transaction.
In this way no one can use the card without the consent of the cardholder.
Any attempt at fraud will be identified and reported to the appropriate authorities.

2. Advanced Bank Transfer

Send us a copy of the payment showing the C.R.O. number by Email.
In case of payment via an Advanced Bank Transfer, the Client's order will be reserved until we receive proof of payment. To ensure a speedy delivery, the Client is invited to email the bank payment receipt showing the C.R.O./confirmation number. The dispatch or collection of the order by your courier will be carried out once DIVA's S.r.l. receives payment in its current account, which must take place within seven working days from the date of receiving the order. After this the order will be automatically deemed cancelled. The bank transfer details must contain the identification and order number given in the confirmation email. Our bank details are shown in the confirmation email sent when you place your order.

3. Cash on delivery (CoD)

The choice of paying cash on delivery (CoD) offers the Client the possibility to pay the courier the exact amount payable on the invoice using cash in Euros.

4. Payment at the office

We accept payment by cash for orders of any amount at our office only if Clients select the delivery method: "Pick-up from Office".

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E - Minimum Order

The minimum order is €300, not including post and packaging, VAT and any extra costs. The minimum order has been calculated to absorb the cost of post and packaging. If the order made on www.divasbag.com does not reach this amount, we will let the Client know by email or phone. If after five days the Client does not reformulate the "minimum order", DIVA'S S.r.l. will deem the order cancelled.

The minimum order commitment is only valid for the Client's first order. After this it is not necessary to meet the minimum order requirement.

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F - Filling Orders - Timescale

The timescale for filling orders for which products are in stock is no more than seven working days. In the case of stock shortage (even partial), DIVA'S S.r.l. will contact the Client to inform them of the date of dispatch.

1. For urgent delivery requests please contact

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G - Method of delivery

DIVA'S S.r.l. sends a full invoice for each completed order made on www.divasbag.com. The information the Client gives when they place the order is used for the invoice. Invoices cannot be changed once issued and sent. The Client must pay for the merchandise using the method chosen when placing the order. No other cost or commission is due to DIVA'S S.r.l. The cost of delivery is automatically calculated on the order form according to the weight of products chosen. To see the cost of delivery before completing the order, click on CALCULATE COST OF DELIVERY on the page showing the cart contents. Once accepted and confirmed, our staff will process the order and purchases are dispatched as soon as possible. The system will send an email with details of your order to your email address. The average time for filling orders is three working days after receipt of order.

1. Courier Delivery

When the merchandise is delivered by the courier the Client must check:

• that the number of items delivered corresponds to the number of items shown on the invoice;

• that packaging appears complete, undamaged, not wet or in any way changed, including sealing materials (adhesive tape or staples). Any damaged or missing items or information must be immediately made known to the delivery courier, adding the phrase "collected with reservations" to any accompanying documents and confirmed within seven days via email or recorded delivery to DIVA'S S.r.l., Via Senna 12 – 50019 Sesto Fiorentino(FI).

Even if the packaging is undamaged, the merchandise must be checked on the day of delivery. Any discrepancy must be reported in writing via email or recorded delivery. Any report that does not comply with these requirements will not be taken into consideration. The Client is responsible for all statements they make. Once the courier's document has been signed, the Client may not make any further claim regarding the external condition of the package.

2. Collection from warehouse

If the Client collects the merchandise from our warehouse, they incur no further delivery or other costs.

3. Client's Courier

If the Client prefers, they can collect the merchandise by sending a courier of their choice. To do this, contact our sales department.

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H - Delivery charges

The Client pays all delivery charges. Charges are automatically calculated based on the weight of the products and are explicitly shown when you place an order. DIVA'S S.r.l. exercises the right within Italy to communicate and add any extra costs inherent to the Smaller Islands or to Disadvantaged Zones.

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I - Guarantee

All our products undergo quality control by our staff before they are dispatched. In case of production defects, we will repair or substitute the products, or give a credit note against the Client’s return transport document.

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J - Samples

If you would like to see and feel a product before committing to buying it, we can send samples on request (without any obligation to buy) only to Italy and Europe.
Unless otherwise agreed, the sample products must be returned in perfect state within 15 days of receipt.
On receipt of returned products, DIVA'S S.r.l. will make an immediate bank transfer to your account relative to the returned products.
We will not accept the return of dirty, damaged, or washed products, or products not in their original packaging. Products that are not accepted and any products that are not returned will not be reimbursed.
The return costs of the samples must be paid by the Client (unless otherwise agreed), and the goods sent to our warehouse at the following address:

Diva’s S.r.l.

Via Senna, 12
50019 - Sesto Fiorentino

For fiscal reasons, the Client must include a transport document with the returned products and a copy of this must be put in the package together with the merchandise.

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K - How to register for the Retailers' Area

To request account activation, click on "Register" to the top right hand of the page, and complete the registration form with your company’s data (company name, VAT number, Fiscal Code [w/a] etc.).
Once you have done this, a member of our staff will apply the appropriate price list and activate your B2B Account. Account activation will be made during working hours. After activation you can use your account (login and password) to access wholesale prices reserved for partners of www.divasbag.com .

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L - How to place an order

Virtual shopping cart

Each time you find a product that interests you, indicate the quantity of your order, click on "Add to cart" to put the product into your virtual shopping cart, and proceed to make your order.

Till and payment

To go to the till you must first access your cart, select method of payment and delivery, and then click on "Order". This will allow you to proceed with your payment in four steps:

1) Address: on this page you will need to insert all the information relative to the invoice and delivery address, when this isn't the same as the invoice address. Click on "Continue" to go to the next step.

2) Method: on this page you will see the method of payment and delivery you've chosen, and if necessary you can insert a note, for example: "Date of delivery". Click on continue to go to the next step.

3) Summary: check your details and the articles in your cart and click on "Continue" to go to the last step, or on "back" if you need to make changes.

4) Confirm: you've completed your order; on this page you will find your order reference number and method of payment. At the end of your order you will receive a confirmation email.

Cost of delivery

1) Each time you add an article to your cart the cost of delivery will be automatically calculated based on the weight of the articles and shown on the screen.

2) If you prefer you can indicate the courier you wish to use by contacting our sales department.

How can I tell if my order has been received?

At the end of the order you will receive an email from DIVA'S S.r.l. in which you will find all the details of your order. You can check the status of your order at any time by clicking on "My Orders".

Can I have an invoice?

Yes of course, every sale is invoiced. You will receive the invoice with the delivery, or if you have chosen to pick up your order personally, your invoice will be given to you on delivery.

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M - Privacy

Diva’s S.r.l.’s IT support systems collect and process data input when the Client places an order for the purpose of meeting contractual obligations. We do not share data with Third Parties.
DIVA'S S.r.l. guarantees the Client that it will respect the data protection legislation, as regulated by Italian privacy code DLgs. N. 196 del 30.06.03.
DIVA'S S.r.l. is registered to hold this processed data.
The Client has the right at any time to revoke consent for use of its data. This must be done in writing to Diva’s S.r.l., Via Senna 12 – 50019 Sesto Fiorentino(FI).

The Client hereby agrees they have been made aware of its rights under Articles 13 and 7 of Italian D.Lgs. n. 196/2003 and has the right to access its data as enacted by that legislation.
Marketing communications are only sent with the Client’s explicit consent, given when agreeing to its data being processed and submitting the online registration form.

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